Phil Nicoletti: The King of Walton

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(Vaughan, ON – Aug 17th, 2019)
Phil Nicoletti: The King of Walton
Rockstar Energy OTSFF Yamaha’s Phil Nicoletti would put in a set of impressive rides this weekend at Walton Raceway for the final round of the MX portion of the Canadian Rockstar En-ergy Triple Crown. After sustaining a collarbone injury about 4 weeks ago, Shawn Maffenbeier, would get on top of his YZ450F looking to score some points. Sam Gaynor would once again put in a strong set of Moto’s bringing his rookie season in the 450 Pro class to an end.

PC- Kate Kowalchuk

Qualifying saw the #54 of Phil Nicoletti in 8th position heading into Moto 1. Shawn Maffenbeier would sit in the 14th spot and Sam Gaynor in 7th.

PC – James Lissimore

As the gate dropped for Moto 1 Nicoletti would get a great start out front. Battling with the 6 time champ, Colton Facciotti. Phil and Colton would swap positions between 2nd and 3rd while the both of them slowly gained time on the Moto leader Cole Thompson. As the two battled Phil would have a slight bobble causing Colton to take the lead. Phil would settle in 3rd position by the checkers. Shawn Maffenbeier would ride a consistent race finishing in 13th position, very im-pressive considering the injury sustained weeks prior. Sam Gaynor’s first Moto would see the #80 get off to a good start where he would settle into 10th position. From here Sam would ride his own race and finish in 10th position heading into Moto 2.

PC – James Lissimore

Looking to further his points lead in the Triple Crown Series, the #54 of Phil Nicoletti would look to once again push his Yamaha YZ450F into the lead as the gates dropped for Moto 2. Moto 2 would see Phil get off to a bad start; however he was able to make many passes during his first lap around Walton Raceway. By lap 2 Phil would take over 5th spot continuing to charge towards the front. Picking off riders lap after lap Nicoletti was looking to reel in Colton, whom had a 5 second lead on the #54. Nicoletti was able to get passed Colton before the Legendary natural double at Walton Raceway. From that point on Phil never looked back while Colton continued to put pressure on Phil all the way to the checkers. Both Sam and Shawn-

PC – Kate Kowalchuk

would charge all Moto long with the goal of gaining more points and finishing within the top 10 in the series. The rookie of Sam Gaynor would once again prove that he is here for good and pos-ses the capability to battle with the top guys in the premier 450 class. Moto 2 start saw Gaynor round the first lap in 9th position. On the 6th lap Sam would make a small mistake which put him into 10th position. Sam would ride his own race from there on out and would finish in 10th. Shawn Maffenbeier’s Moto 2 would see the #3 put in a steady ride in 13th position. Mid-Moto shawn would fall back to 15th position however would fight his way back into 13th where he would make a charge into 12th. A small bobble from the #3 would push him back into 13th to finish off the Moto.

PC – Kate Kowalchuk

The Rockstar Energy OTSFF Yamaha Team would like to Congratulate Colton Facciotti on his 6th MX Title and an outstanding career. Colton has been a pleasure to watch over the years and undoubtably a legend in Canadian Motocross. Congratulations Colton!

PC – Kate Kowalchuk

“ The MX Tour went very well for us. Everyone worked so hard and I believe it showed. We ended up with all 3 guys in the top 10 even after some injuries, showing the true grit everyone on the team has. The 2019 MX Tour has been one of the most enjoyable seasons I have ever had. Thank You to all the incredible people on the team. We can’t wait to get the SX tour started. ”

PC – Kate Kowalchuk
    - Steve Simms (Rockstar Energy OTSFF Yamaha Team Manager)

Phil Nicoletti: 3-1 for 1st Overall
Sam Gaynor: 10-10 for 10th Overall
Shawn Maffenbeier: 13-13 for 13th Overall

Round 8 Walton MX Results 450 Pro Rockstar Energy MXTour

1. Phil Nicoletti               1. Colton Facciotti - 396
2. Cole Thompson                2. Mike Alessi - 374
3. Colton Facciotti                 3. Phil Nicoletti - 366
4. Mike Alessi                  4. Cole Thompson - 330
5. Keylan Meston                5. Cade Classon - 275
6. Chase Marquier               6. Keylan Meston - 254
7. Josh Cartwright              7. Ryan Dowd - 251
8. Cade Classon                 8. Shawn Maffenbeier - 220
9. Ryan Dowd                    9. Matt Georke - 218
10. Sam Gaynor                  10. Sam Gaynor - 197
13. Shawn Maffenbeier           

Rockstar Energy Triple Crown Standings

1. Phil Nicoletti - 426
2. Cole Thompson - 401
3. Colton Facciotti - 342
4. Mike Alessi - 374
5. Cade Classon - 328
7. Shawn Maffenbeier - 304
10. Sam Gaynor - 197
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