Nicoletti Leaves Quebec City Supercross With The Red Plate

After a brief break from racing, Rockstar Energy OTSFF Yamaha was back at it in Quebec City for round 2 of the Supercross portion of the Rockstar Energy Triple Crown Series. Phil Nicoletti would ride great all night to finish 2nd overall. Shawn Maffenbeier would end up finishing 8th overall after a DNF during Heat 1. Rockstar Energy Support Rider Sam Gaynor, would also put in some impressive rides, with a 7th overall and keeping up with the consistency the Rookie has shown throughout the series.

2019 Quebec City Supercross Videotron Centre Quebec City, Quebec October 6, 2019

Heat 1 would see Nicoletti get off to great start in 1st position. Phil was able to ride strong throughout the Moto staying ahead of the pack. Phil would maintain 1st position throughout the entire Moto to take the win. Maffenbeier’s Heat Race would unfortunately come to an end early after a crash in the first corner resulting in a hurt shoulder. Shawn would subsequently pull off to have it evaluated. Rockstar Energy Support Rider Sam Gaynor would start out in 6th where he would maintain his position until lap 3 where he dropped back to 7th. During lap 7, Sam was able to pass a downed rider which put him into 6th, where he would cross the checkers and advance straight into the main event.

2019 Quebec City Supercross Videotron Centre Quebec City, Quebec October 6, 2019

All three Rockstar Energy OTSFF Yamaha Riders advanced straight into the main event allowing them to preserve their energy and get fully prepared for the main event.

As the gate dropped for the main event tension started to build as a first overall finish for Nicoletti would mean taking home the Triple Crown championship one round early before Hamilton. The first lap would see Sam Gaynor in 7th position as the green flag waved. Lap 2 would see Gaynor move up to 6th. By Lap 5 he was back in 7th and looking comfortable on the YZ450F. He would ride consistently in 7th position until lap 14 where he was able to make a pass into 6th and finish finish out the Moto. Shawn Maffenbeier would start in 8th position looking to make some passes. Shawn was toughing it out in the main as it was questionable whether or not he would be able to race after the injury sustained during heat 1. Shawn soldiered on to an 8th place finish, struggling to hold on during the final two laps. Phil Nicoletti’s Main would go as planned with a 1st position start. For the first half of the Moto Matt Goerke was right on Phil’s tail. As Goerke started to push for a pass, Phil was able to hold him off until Goerke would end up crashing, allowing Phil to gain some valuable time on the pack. Nicoletti would ride really strong to hold on to 1st position, until the final two laps of the Moto. During lap 18 Cole Thompson would make a pass on the #54 re-sulting in Thompson taking 1st overall and Phil finishing directly behind him in 2nd as the check-ers waved.

2019 Quebec City Supercross Videotron Centre Quebec City, Quebec October 6, 2019

Rockstar Energy OTSFF Yamaha is excited for the Final round of Supercross as well as the end of the 2019 Rockstar Energy Triple Crown Series . We will be bringing the same winning attitude to Hamilton, along with the red plates, points lead, and a championship within grasp.

2019 Quebec City Supercross Videotron Centre Quebec City, Quebec October 6, 2019

“Overall the day was good. We came in and did what we needed to do as a team, which resulted in 3 top 10’s and the Red Plate heading into the final round in Hamilton.”

- Steve Simms (Rockstar Energy OTSFF Yamaha Team Manager)

Quebec City Supercross Results Triple Crown Points Standings

  1. Cole Thompson 1. Phil Nicoletti – 531
  2. Phil Nicoletti 2. Cole Thompson – 504
  3. Cade Clason 3. Cade Clason – 403
  4. Matt Goerke 4. Colton Facciotti – 396
  5. Josh Cartwright 5. Matt Goerke – 380
  6. Sam Gaynor 6. Mike Alessi – 374
  7. Jason Benny 7. Shawn Maffenbeier – 341
  8. Shawn Maffenbeier 8. Keylan Meston – 254
  9. Jeremy Pronovost 9. Ryan Dowd – 251
  10. Travis Delnicki 10. Sam Gaynor – 233

SX Tour Standings

  1. Phil Nicoletti – 50 5. Josh Cartwright – 38
  2. Cole Thompson – 48 6. Shawn Maffenbeier – 37
  3. Cade Clason – 46 7. Sam Gaynor – 36
  4. Matt Goerke – 43
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