Phil Nicoletti Crowned 2019 Rockstar Energy Triple Crown and SX Tour Champion

Heading into the final round of the Canadian Rockstar Energy Triple Crown tour in Hamilton, ON, Rockstar Energy OTSFF Yamaha was looking to make a statement and solidify the Triple Crown Championship. Nicoletti knew what he had to do in order to secure the Triple Crown Championship as well as the SX tour championship. Phil would ride great all night which led him to being crowned both the Triple Crown Champion and SX Tour Champion. Rockstar Energy OTSFF Rider Sam Gaynor would put in some impressive results to finish off his rookie season on the YZ450F with a 7th overall position in the main event. Unfortunately the #3 of Shawn Maffenbeier would sustain an injury caused by a crash during Shawn’s heat race. The race was red flagged and Shawn was taken off by medical staff and examined. Maffenbeier would not line up for the main event and went to get the injury examined. We wish Shawn a speedy recovery and hope everything goes smoothly.

2019 Hamilton Supercross FirstOntario Centre Hamilton, Ontario October 20, 2019
Phil Nicoletti Wins the 100K and the SX Tour Championship

            Heat one saw Nicoletti get off to a great start ahead of Cole Thompson. With Thompson looking for a chance to make a move on Nicoletti, Phil held his ground and rode strong throughout the entire Moto where he would start and finish in 1st cementing himself as the Triple Crown Champion. Sam Gaynor would ride very consistent during heat 1. The start of Moto would see the rookie round the first corner in 5th position. Gaynor would ride very well putting in very consistent lap times in order to cross the checkers in 5th position heading into the main event.

2019 Hamilton Supercross FirstOntario Centre Hamilton, Ontario October 20, 2019
Shawn and Cam on the track waiting for practice to start

            Approaching the main event with only 3 points separating Cole Thompson and Phil Nicoletti from the Supercross Tour Championship, Nicoletti had to put his head down and charge in order to secure the SX title. As the gates dropped for the main event Nicoletti would see himself right at the front of the pack with Matt Goerke and Cole Thompson. Charging in 3rd position behind, Phil quickly made a pass on Goerke to put

himself into 2nd with eyes on the leader. Sam Gaynor would round the first corner right behind Nicoletti looking very strong early in the Moto. As Nicoletti pushed to take the lead, Thompson would get caught up with a lapper which would result in Phil sliding by into the lead. As Nicoletti pushed towards a first place finish, a lapper would unfortunately get in Phil’s way making it harder to pull away from Goerke in 2nd. Goerke was able to just sneak by Phil with a few laps to go. Phil would end up finishing in 2nd behind Matt with enough points ahead of him in the SX championship to be crowned the overall Champion. Rockstar Energy OTSFF Yamaha’s Sam Gaynor would end up finishing in an impressive 7th position to finish off his Rookie season within the top 10 riders in the 450 class.

2019 Hamilton Supercross FirstOntario Centre Hamilton, Ontario October 20, 2019

On Sunday at the MRC Banquet, Sam Gaynor was awarded the Parts Canada Rookie of the Year Award. This award was well deserved for Sam as he consistently showed progress and determination throughout the entire MX and SX series. Phil Nicoletti won most consistent rider with 10/15 podium finishes. Rockstar Energy OTSFF Yamaha won best team set up.

2019 Rookie of the year Sam Gaynor
2019 Most consistent rider – Phil Nicoletti

A huge shoutout to the entire Rockstar Energy OTSFF Team for their countless hours or hard work and determination throughout the series. Risi George, Cameron Callaghan, and Jeff Gaynor all worked incredibly hard this season and it shows with zero mechanical DNF’s throughout the entire Triple Crown Series. This wouldn’t be possible without the help of the entire team. Thank you to everyone involve, this is a championship well deserved.

2019 Best team setup – Rockstar OTSFF Yamaha
L-R- Ryan Gauld, Andre Laurin, Risi George, Steve Simms, Cam Callaghan, Justin Thompson

“It’s been a exciting year with lots of ups and downs as racing always hands out. The final round gave us all of that. The determination that everyone on the team has is what really makes it all happen week in and out. Congrats to the whole team and we wish Shawn a speedy recovery after Saturday evenings crash.”

            – Steve Simms (Rockstar Energy OTSFF Yamaha Team Manager)

“So pleased with the team and efforts in this crazy 2019 series. All I can say is the Team was on its mark and it will only get better in 2020.”

            – Andre Laurin

2019 Phil Nicoletti Championship Video

Hamilton Supercross Results             Triple Crown Results

  1. Matt Goerke                                             1.   Phil Nicoletti – 558
  2. Phil Nicoletti                                            2.  Cole Thompson – 529
  3. Cole Thompson                                        3.  Cade Clason – 426
  4. Cade Clason                                             4.  Matt Goerke – 410
  5. Josh Cartwright                                         5.  Colton Facciotti – 396
  6. Eric Jeffery                                                6.  Mike Alessi – 374
  7. Sam Gaynor                                             7.  Shawn Maffenbeier – 341
  8. Kyle Dillin                                                   8.  Keylan Meston – 254
  9. Jeremy Pronovost                                      9.  Sam Gaynor – 252
  10. Michael Fowler                                        10.  Ryan Dowd – 251

SX Tour Results

  1. Phil Nicoletti – 77              5. Josh Cartwright – 59

2. Matt Goerke – 73                 6. Sam Gaynor – 55

3. Cole Thompson  – 73           7. Eric Jeffery – 45

4. Cade Clason – 69                 8. Shawn Maffenbeier – 37

2019 Hamilton Supercross FirstOntario Centre Hamilton, Ontario October 20, 2019
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