Taming A Trophy Truck: OTSFF Motorsports’ 6100 Spec Trophy Truck

One of the most recognizable trucks in the desert world is the Trophy Truck. The dominating look, high horsepower, and insane wheel travel make these trucks one of the best performing machines on the planet. One step down from the Trophy Truck class is the Spec Trophy Truck, the same idea, just tamed down.

For OTSFF Motorsports, their beast is a one-off custom-built chassis truck that was done in-house. The truck was engineered and designed by Dave Tounget of Terra Dynamics in Temecula, California and finalized by Adam Fitza. Truck lives with Fitza between races where he makes all the necessary repairs and preps the truck for the next race.

“I have personally been into desert racing for 10-plus years now,” Fitza explained. “I have been a part of the OTSFF group for about five years. I was introduced to Andre (team owner and driver) of 6184 by a colleague. He was interested in the sport and started with an I-Beam class 8 truck before he got the itch to compete at a professional level in the Spec Trophy Truck class.” 

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Next Race Laughlin Nevada Feb,20-23 stay tuned..

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